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A few moments others have shared...

Just love to see and hear you sing! Testimonies like yours will bring hope to many who are going through hurt and pain. Keep doing great things for Jesus. God bless you. Anna

Shauna, I have a website about worship and I talked about you as an example of how to worship Jesus. Blessings, Kirby

FINALLY! Just today I learned the name of the lovely voice who sang "Captivate My Heart". That song made a dramatic impact on my life, so much, that it inspired me to seek my calling from God and become a pastor! Please let me know if you ever record that song as a solo piece! Mark 

Hello Shauna! Greetings from Hannover (Germany). I love to hear you! Jesus bless you as I be blessed of your voice. Erika

Hi Shauna, I'm Veronica. I'm 17 and I'm from Rome. You met my mom when you came to Italy and she bought your CD. We've been listening to that CD so many times that I literally consider it like a big piece of my childhood! Anyway, my aunt Wendy died six months ago after a two year battle with cancer. She was only 47 and left a family of three kids behind. Since she died I spent some time struggling with my faith because I was angry. But now I want to sing special music in my church and sing one of your songs ''Dancing with Angels.'' Veronica

What a blessing you are! You truly have the voice of an Angel. I saw you twice in Tucson, Arizona and loved your voice. I'm placing an order for all your CD's today! May the Lord bless you greatly! Marygrace

Thank you very much. Your testimony on Terry MacAlmon's "To See Your Face" led me to your site. It is very encouraging to see people like you even stronger by the day and joyfully doing the Lord's bidding. You are an encourager to the countless masses who are facing different difficult challenges in silence and in tears. God richly bless you Shauna. Emmanuel

Hi Shauna! I was a choir member at Orchard Road Christian Center (Marilyn Hickey's church) under your direction. You are a very talented and gifted instructor and I love your voice. I still have your CD's! Take care, and God bless you. Mehlee

Hi, I live in Australia, I first heard you singing with Terry MacAlmon and have loved your music ever since! Is it possible for me to buy your CD'S in Australia? Love Adelina 

I've been listening to "from me to You" CD the last two days now. Its been years since I went to the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs and heard you sing/worship there. Continue to share your beautiful voice for us all to worship with! Blessings to you Shauna. Nancy

I just recently bought Alive Music & Dance on CD & DVD by John Tesh. It is a very inspiring show and just makes you want to get up and dance (I’ve watched it I don’t know how many times now). This is where I got to see & hear you sing for the first time. You have a great voice and I'd just like to say thanks for all you do to move God's Word, both in music and in your daily life. You are God’s best! Susan

Shauna, I love your singing. I first heard it with Terry MacAlmon on the song called Dwelling Places. It blesses me every time I hear it. God bless you, Dennis 

I Love your music, your God given talent! God bless you more! Miriam

I love your singing. I met you in Hollywood after my son and husband died. You were so nice to me. Thank you. La Vern

You are blessed of The Father and you are kept by The Father. Surely goodness and love hunt after you all the days of your life. In Jesus Name , Clifford 

Hi Shauna, I hope you're doing great. I wanted to thank God for people like you teaching and leading us into da worship. My first song to listen to by you was My God My King. I love dat song so much. I would like to know if you're touring this year in South Africa where I am. About your music, am not sure if we get it in our music shops yet but I hope so. Stay blessed, Clement.

Shauna, what a wonderful anointing in your worship and ministry. Blessings, Sarah

Hello Shauna, the Lord Jesus has led me to you through the song Praise Him. It is so anointed and good. As soon as I start singing along, the Lord shows Himself in my presence. He is awesome. Thank you for letting the Lord use your beautiful anointed voice. Your brother, Leroy