"PIPES" Vocal Workshops


"pursuing the intentional practice of excellent singing"




What to expect from Shauna's "PIPES" Vocal Workshops?

Not the ordinary format or experience for sure! Shauna Chanda's personality in itself with her heart for developing up and coming musicians simply would not have it so. From beginners and intermediate, to professionals, Shauna’s hands-on instruction with her unique coaching style is implemented and tailored to her participants’ current level with specific attention to their short term and long term goals. From small groups to larger classes, these workshops will be sure to include proper technique for endurance and stamina, style formation, building one’s “toolbox” for quick release, overall health including diet, nutrition and exercise for optimal performance and of course her famous “tips & tricks.”

Focuses can also include blending with others and working as a team, musicians with instruments, and song analysis which incorporates an intense process of song dissection, development, rebuilding and progression through to performance. Specific techniques can also be implemented for songwriters as well. Although in a group setting, Shauna also engages with individual attention and offers plenty of opportunity for questions, answers and interaction.

Since each workshop is customized, the amount of time and cost is as well. From one day intensives to three day workshops and beyond, the schedule and rate can be as diversified as the clinics themselves depending on what is requested for the situation.

Shauna’s main desire is not to change any person's musical style, but to help them execute their talents more efficiently with intention, excellence and developed skill, enabled with the endurance to sustain the distance. Train and equip your future artists and leaders with Shauna's "PIPES!"

If you are interested in having Shauna for a vocal workshop, please connect with her through the CONTACT page for further information.

Due to time restraints, Shauna is unable to do one-on-one lessons anymore, but is happy to refer.